Set yourself among brave dreamers and passionate creatives.

In our world we see the natural beauty in the world around us and in humanity.

Careers & Internships

Are you a graphic designer or skilled web developer? Join our team of hybrid, diverse talents to create brands that WORK.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our greatest asset is our diversity. In order to truly create branding that works best we must have an inclusive understanding of cultures, traditions, innovations, needs, and emotions that shape our world. 


The Digital Era

NCPR World began in 2012 as NCM, a  digital media company and advertising agency based in Milan, Italy. As digital publications ushered in a new era of emotional design in response to the visual technology boom, the founder, Nichelle Cole, became known for her creative marketing and PR campaigns for some of Europe’s most popular online magazines, generating hundreds of digital assets, working with award winning creative artists and designers.

The Creative Boom

When sustainable product design started making headlines in 2013, NCM established a new publication that launched with great fanfare and success. NCM founder Nichelle Cole was recruited for public speaking, drafted by the infamous DOMUS academy to teach digital content and marketing to Masters level students, and asked for interviews in design publications in Europe, Asia, and the United States. 

In 2015, NCM moved to support the greater creative industries, from interior design and architecture to culinary and performance arts, offering branding, marketing, and advertising campaign services using fashion’s fastidious methodologies.

In 2019 NCM formally incorporated branding strategies into their service offerings. And in early 2020, NCM relocated to California and merged their suite of services under NCPR World. The change meant the successful media,  marketing & PR services and the innovative brand design and brand position services now lived fluidly under one organization. 

Branding That Works

Today NCPR World works across creative industries using signature performance branding techniques,  media content, PR, advertising, and marketing. We help our clients reach customers farther, convert them faster, and deliver better customer experiences thanks to our unique diversity of global talent and our shared love and passion for design. We are the best brand design agency for contemporary creatives and – in many cases – for any passionate visionary.

We create branding that WORKS to engage and connect people and provide them with the things they want and need, sustainably.  

We think deeply about solutions and marry design thinking with business strategies to foster competitive advantage. 

We teach our clients how to use their brands to stand out from the crowd.

We lead our clients into the future by enabling them to embrace progressive ways of working through social media marketing, branded digital channels, and authentic content marketing.